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We represent exclusively almost 20 world producers and brands of industrial components and equipments.

Watergates valves

Since 2004 Watergates has been the ideal partner for design, production and distribution of sophisticated knife-gate valves and electrical actuators for the industrial automation. On the one hand we are a reliable manufacturer and supplier offering a wide range of industrial valves, on the other hand we are a proven partner giving competent advice, guaranteeing short assembly and delivery times, and providing design and production in accordance with individual customer requirements.


  • Pneumatic systems are our specialty. Whether it's a rotary actuator or valve manifold, we have the products to complete your pneumatic system.


  • NETZSCH has been developing, producing and distributing positive displacement pumps worldwide for more than 60 years. Whether environment & energy, chemical, pulp & paper, food & pharmaceutical, mining, oil & gas upstream or mid-/downstream: At NETZSCH, we develop the right pump solution for your customers' specifications. We promise you Proven Excellence - outstanding performance in all areas.


Austrian supplier and manufacturer of industrial valves for chemical and petrochemical industries.


Since 1980, END-Armaturen GmbH & Co. KG is known as a competent producer and trader for industry valves. Our product range includes a wide range of high end valves, fittings and related accessories made with mechanic precision and innovative control-technology.


Air Operated Pumps for Other Service Fluids Conventional air operated diaphragm pumps pump the fluid around the outside of the pump and compressed air acts on the inside face of the diaphragms. In Directflo® pumps the fluid is pumped through the centre of the pump and compressed air acts on the outside face of the diaphragms.


This company is a specialist in the development and production of special centrifugal pumps with canned motor and belongs to world leaders.


Reciprocating pumps, metering pumps, piston high-pressure API pumps.


Centrifugal pumps suitable for corrosive, abrasive and dangerous fluids.


Pumps for food industry.


Pneumatic diaphragm pumps suitable for aggressive and abrasive fluids.


Mixing and piping technologies for liquid and gas fluids.


Screw-type compressors aplicable for compressed gases and refrigerant applications, suitable for using in petrochemie (inclusive API version), in power industry, oil and fuel farm, but also in other fields . Under the Howden brand, the Burton Corblin membrane and piston compressors are also available.


Blackmer is the world leader in the production of hydrostatic pumps for petrochemical industry (biofuels, light fuel oils).


Gear pumps, rotary piston pumps.

3M Pumps

Centrifugal metal and plastic pumps with magnetic coupling.

Brug Pipesystems

The German-Swiss holding is a manufacturer of flexible and double-wall piping systems for petrochemical and chemical industries. Pipes are suitable for conveying of flammable, aggressive, explosive and environment endangering liquids and gases. Pipes are supplied in "infinite" lengths up to 500 m in one piece, depending on the diameter. Supplied diameters are from DN 10 to DN 150, pressures PN 6 to PN 25. The company also manufactures and supplies pre-insulated flexible pipes CALPEX and CASAFLEX, which are suitable for conveying of hot water up to 140 °C.


The Finnish company Labkotec is a manufacturer of capacity probes, that continuously measure the level of the liquid, the interface of two media in the tank, limiting values in the tank and at the same time automates the technological process by means of contactless relay outputs (e.g. switching on and off the pumps at max. level in the tank). The probes are used for all types of liquids and loose substances in tanks up to a height of 20 m, temperatures up to 150 ° C and pressures up to 25 bar. The company has been operating on the market for 30 years and its products are at an excellent technical level and are affordable.


SGB is a manufacturer and supplier of over-pressure and under-pressure leak detectors for underground and overground cylindrical double-wall tanks, double-bottom standing tanks, lined tanks and double-walled steel piping. Leak detectors monitor continuously sealing of double-wall tanks and pipelines, in which are stored and conveyed substances dangerous to the environment and human health.


Elaflex is a supplier of hoses and hose fittings suitable for use in the chemical, petrochemical and food industries. These are mainly various universal chemical hoses, quick couplings, dry couplings, filling fittings and the like.


Since 1997 we have de­vel­oped, produced and man­u­fac­tured in­no­v­a­tive coupling products such as break­away cou­plings, dry dis­con­nect cou­plings, dry gas cou­plings and LNG so­lu­tions for some of the world’s most de­mand­ing in­dus­tries when it comes to safety. That means so­lu­tions beyond ex­pec­ta­tions – all the way.
Tailor-made coupling products with our con­fig­u­ra­tor. Your solution is just a few clicks away.:

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