Est. 1998

Project activities

CHEMPROCES provides comprehensive service in preliminary and design works, from a study to the project of real execution of the construction.

  • Elaboration of studies and construction plans,
  • Documentation for area decision,
  • Project for building licence,
  • Project documentation for execution of the construction,
  • Project of real execution of the construction.

The elaboration of the project documentation is primarily aimed at machine- technology units for the petrochemical and chemical plants in the various industry branches (petrochemical and chemical, energetic, metallurgy, paper industries, pharmaceuticals, industrial gases industries).

Standard objects:

  • Storage of flammable fluids, caustics and other dangerous chemicals,
  • Storage of liquid and technical gases,
  • Unloading and loading stations for road and rail tanks,
  • Dosing and injection of fluids into the process.

In the case of investor's request, we provide engineering services in following range:

  • proceedings on the documentation with the authorities, organizations and persons concerned for the purpose of issuing an area decision,
  • proceedings on the project during the work and at the end of the work with the relevant authorities and organizations to issue building licence and other permits necessary for the construction,
  • pauthor's supervision for the compliance with the overall concept in accordance with the project,
  • ensuring all documents needed for operation of the construction.

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