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  • watergates


    Since 2004 Watergates has been the ideal partner for design, production and distribution of sophisticated knife-gate valves and electrical actuators for the industrial automation. On the one hand we are a reliable manufacturer and supplier offering a wide range of industrial valves, on the other hand we are a proven partner giving competent advice, guaranteeing short assembly and delivery times, and providing design and production in accordance with individual customer requirements.

  • parker

    Parker - pneumatické a hydraulické systémy

    Výroba a dodávka:

    • pneumatických pohonov (lineárne, otočné)
    • rozvádzacích ventilov
    • hadice na rozvod vzduchu a iných médií, lisovanie a montáž koncoviek
    • šroubenia, prípojky, redukcie, rýchlospojky, tlmiče...
    • kompletizácia rozvodov vzduchu
    • filtre, regulátory tlaku, odvádzače kondenzu, lubrikácie tlakového vzduchu
    • hydraulické valce a rozvádzacie ventily
    • hydraulické rozvody, šroubenia a filtre
  • fcp cryogenné potrubie

    BRUGG - Flexwell® Cryo Pipe (FCP)

    Výhody nášho potrubia:

    • Systém pripravený na použitie -> bez dodatočného vákuovania
    • na miestenie nie je potrebná presná izometria mm
    • žiadne zváranie na mieste
    • tlaková skúška potrubia už vykonaná
    • krátka dodacia lehota asi 6 týždňov (pre štandardné výrobky)
    • žiadne prechodové spojenia
    • čím dlhšie sa potrubia, tým je to ekonomickejšie
    • diagramy poklesu tlaku môžu byť vytvorené pre každú látku v krátkom ćase
    • vo Wunstorfe sú k dispozícii školiace kurzy pre manipuláciu a inštaláciu
    • k dispozícii je inštalačná služba
    • minimalizovaný čas inštalácie
    • k dispozícii sú dlhé dĺžky až do 100m potrubného systému (obmedzené dopravou)
    • maximálny priemer je priemer otvoru 200mm

    Konštrukčné kritéria

    • Teplota až -200°C
    • Hodnoty tlaku ps PN25
    • Prietok je menší ako 10-8 mbar * l / s
    • Tlaková skúška: 1.5 x ps = 37.5 bar
    • Predĺženie so skušobným tlakom vo vnútornej a vonkajšej rúrke (pri chybe): <0.2%
  • LNG All-in-One VIP

    LNG All-in-One is a unique and cost-effective LNG pipe system for use at LNG filling stations as a continuous LNG, circulation and vapour recovery pipe – all in one!

  • vretenové čerpadlá netzsch

    Sme autorizovaný predajca čerpadiel NETZSCH pre Slovensko

    Svetový líder v oblasti jednovretenových čerpadiel

  • typ l

    Absorpčný chladič

  • typ x

    Vysokoteplotné prevedenie

  • typ b

    Vysokoteplotné prevedenie

  • typ f-m

    Viacstupňové prevedenie

  • typ g

    Samonasávacie čerpadlo

  • typ xg

    Utesnenie vytesňovacou kvapalinou

  • typ d

    Kalové čerpadlo

  • typ k

    Kompletný ohrevný plášť

  • typ k-s

    Kompletný ohrevný plášť

  • typ fw / fv

    Dutý hriadeľ

  • typ r

    Čerpadlo so spätným tokom

  • typ rw / rv

    Čerpadlo so spätným tokom

  • typ fa-v

    Základné prevedenie s dutým hriadeľom

  • typ f-v

    Základné prevedenie s dutým hriadeľom


    Zubové čerpadlá typovej rady T ponúkajú riešenie na prepravu takmer všetkých čerpateľných médií.


    Zubové čerpadlá typovej rady T ponúkajú riešenie na prepravu takmer všetkých čerpateľných médií.

  • Čerpací agregát typu TE

    Zubové čerpadlá typovej rady T ponúkajú riešenie na prepravu takmer všetkých čerpateľných médií.

  • Čerpací agregát typu TM

    Zubové čerpadlá typovej rady T ponúkajú riešenie na prepravu takmer všetkých čerpateľných médií.

  • Čerpací agregát t10 v prevedení ATEX

    Zubové čerpadlá typovej rady T ponúkajú riešenie na prepravu takmer všetkých čerpateľných médií.


    Tieto mazacie a napájacie čerpadlá sú vhodné pre čerpanie kvapalín, ktoré neobsahujú pevné častice, majú aspoň minimálne mazacie vlastnosti a sú chemicky kompatibilné.


    Tieto mazacie a napájacie čerpadlá sú vhodné pre čerpanie kvapalín, ktoré neobsahujú pevné častice, majú aspoň minimálne mazacie vlastnosti a sú chemicky kompatibilné.


    Tieto mazacie a napájacie čerpadlá sú vhodné pre čerpanie kvapalín, ktoré neobsahujú pevné častice, majú aspoň minimálne mazacie vlastnosti a sú chemicky kompatibilné.


    Tieto mazacie a napájacie čerpadlá sú vhodné pre čerpanie kvapalín, ktoré neobsahujú pevné častice, majú aspoň minimálne mazacie vlastnosti a sú chemicky kompatibilné.


    Tieto mazacie a napájacie čerpadlá sú vhodné pre čerpanie kvapalín, ktoré neobsahujú pevné častice, majú aspoň minimálne mazacie vlastnosti a sú chemicky kompatibilné.

  • Swivel joints

    Swivel Joints are used in the industry wherever a movable pipe-connection system between two equipment parts is needed. Avoiding one of the biggest causes of premature hose failure. Torque stress is the largest single cause of PTFE and Stainless steel convoluted hose failure. The swivel joints are designed for slow rotary motions under the influence of high internal pressures and/or external stress such as traction and bending forces. With an appropriate combination of swivel joints nearly all movements from the simple rotation or swivelling motion up to motional actions in space can be realized.

  • Couplings

    In catalogue section 2 you will find couplings and accessories as single components. They can be mounted to hose assemblies, to pipe systems, tanks and road or rail tankers. Additionally we offer a large range of adapters, caps and plugs, swivels, flanges with thread, welding flanges, sight glasses, and spare seals.  We will supply only standard compliant quality components, the major part from own production. Our service goes beyond the standard programme you see in the catalogue. We will supply any other required coupling, either commonly traded or of special design, as long as it is in our range of competence.ion. 

  • Hoses ends

    Above you can see some examples of our versatile range of fittings. We manufacture quality hose fittings that you can rely on. Standards-conforming, optimal compatibility with our hoses, and if required professionally assembled on your hose. Our main strength lies in fittings for petroleum-based products and chemicals, main areas of use are in petrol stations, rail and road tankers, refuelling and transfer operations and in industrial plants. 

  • hose drums

  • composite hoses

    Composite hoses are characterized by a good bending radius and lower weight. However, it is necessary to know the length of the hose when ordering, as they are supplied with crimped hose ends.

  • Rubber hoses

    With hoses from ELAFLEX you simply make the right choice. As they are used for dangerous goods we acknowledge responsability for our products. You only get Premium Quality from ContiTech Germany, exclusively made for ELAFLEX. You will NOT get internationally sourced no-name hoses branded as own products. Our large hose stock, comprising of all commonly used types from the catalogue, is available in sizes DN 9 mm up to DN 200 mm, for petroleum based products, L.P. Gas, chemicals, pharmaceutical products and foodstuffs.  This stock allows us to keep delivery times to a minimum.

  • Safety Break-away couplings

    Safety Break-away couplings are used to prevent pull away accidents, protect terminal and loading/unloading equipment and eliminated unwanted product release. The break-away couplings has a diverted breaking point which will break at a determined break-load where upon the internal valves will automatically close on both sides. This will in a longer time frame minimize down time, save money, equipment and the environment. The Safety Break-away couplings are available as Industrial and Marine type.

  • colloid mill

    Greerco® Colloid Mills are highly efficient, in-line, processing units specifically designed to disperse solids and/or liquids into a carrying vehicle rapidly and uniformly. Any emulsion or suspension - liquids in liquids or solids in liquids - can be reproduced repeatedly with unvarying particle-size accuracy and distribution. Greerco Colloid Mills produce stable emulsions to the submicron range.

  • homogenizer

    Greerco® Homogenizers from Chemineer are high-speed, high-shear batch mixers ideal for fast blending and homogenizing of materials through a wide range of viscosities.

  • pipeline mixers

    Greerco® Pipeline Mixers are designed for in-line continuous high-speed, high-shear homogenizing, mixing, emulsifying and rapid dispersing. The Pipeline Mixer offers several mixing heads, each having the ability to handle a range of mixing applications.

  • heat exchangers

    Kenics® Static Mixer technology, available exclusively in Kenics® Heat Exchangers, offers the highest available coefficients for fast, uniform heat transfer. Capable of reliable operation in a wide range of process applications, including those in the polymer, plastic, and food and beverage industries, Kenics Heat Exchangers require less space, less energy and less residence time than standard designs.

  • wvm mixers

    The WVM mixers consist of a simple wall additive injection point, a pre-distribution tab immediately downstream of the injection point and banks of trapezoidal shaped mixing elements. The number of banks of mixing elements varies depending on the mixture quality required for the process. The dimensions, angle of attack and spacing of the trapezoidal mixing elements varies between the WVM models A, B and C. The pre-distribution tab and the injection point design are the same for all WVM models.

  • ultratab

    UltraTab mixers provide rapid mixing in short distances common in water treatment, desalinization plants, and chemical processing applications. A low pressure drop through the mixer provides energy savings to the process.

  • hev mixers

    The patented tab geometry of the Kenics® HEV Static Mixer maximizes the conversion of turbulent energy into efficient mixing for a variety of line shapes and sizes. The mixing elements take advantage of the naturally occurring vortices induced by the element edges to produce complete stream uniformity.

  • kmx-v mixers

    For demanding mixing applications, such as those involving fluids with widely disparate viscosities or volume ratios, the common limiting factor in static mixer design is the allowable mixer length. The KMX was patented in 2002 and enhanced in 2012 to handle difficult laminar flow mixing applications. Specifically the mixer is intended for extreme viscosity and volumetric ratios.

  • km mixers

    In all Kenics® KM Series Static Mixers, a patented helical mixing element directs the flow of material radially toward the pipe walls and back to the center. Additional velocity reversal and flow division results from combining alternating right- and left-hand elements, thus increasing mixing efficiency. All material is continuously and completely mixed, eliminating radial gradients in temperature, velocity and material composition.

  • IBC mixers

    Chemineer’s unique new range of industrial agitators are designed for use with plastic transportable (IBC) containers. We supply a range of models suitable for a variety of applications including - blending light viscous liquid as well as re-suspension of settled solids and dissolution of powders.

  • XPress mixers

    USA - Europe 72-hour delivery 30-day "No Risk Trial" Total support for your mixing need 50+ years experience in mixer technology Industry standard IEC, off-theshelf motors from 0.18 to 1.5kw Features and Benefits Motors: Direct drive.

  • MR Mixers

    Chemineer has demonstrated that it is possible to provide a mixer designed for agitator service at an economical cost, backed by over fifty years of design expertise and applications experience. Chemineer’s MID RANGE Mixers combine quality, durability and economy to supply unbeatable value in mixing equipment for the chemical, water and general processing industries. The MR agitators are designed to be mounted vertically over open or closed top tanks. Chemineer preukázal, že je možné vyrobiť miešacie zariadenie prevádzkované za ekonomické náklady. Miešadlá Chemineer rady MID RANGE kombinujú kvalitu, trvanlivosť a hospodárnosť a výsledkom sú bezkonkurenčné hodnoty v porovnaní s miešacími zariadeniami používanými v chemickom, vodárenskom a všeobecnom spracovateľskom priemysle. MR miešadlá sú navrhnuté pre vertikálnu montáž cez vrch otvorenej alebo uzavretej nádrže.

  • HS Agitators

    HS Side-Entering Agitators offer the same ruggedness, dependability and simplicity of design found in our other high-quality turbine agitators and mixers. At the heart of the HS Agitator is a right-angle drive exclusively engineered for side-entering agitator service. Chemineer® HS Side-Entering Turbine Agitators work efficiently when a tank is too large for convenient installation of a top-entering agitator, or where headroom is severely limited.

  • Biopharm mixers

    Chemineer's sanitary mixers offer a variety of design configurations, materials and options needed to meet critical sanitary mixing applications and ensure the highest level of sanitary mixing. Chemineer also offers a wide variety of precision-engineered, high-performance impeller options.

  • DT Mixers

    Direct-drive and gear-reduced designs for both open and closed tank applications are available. Each unit features Chemineer's renowned reputation for quality that has grown over the past 50 years.

  • QED Agitators

    The Chemineer QED Plus Mixer combines Quality, Economy and Durability for unbeatable mixing value. QED Plus Mixers are well-suited for agitator service in chemical processing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and general industrial applications.

  • HT agitators

    HT Turbine Agitators have earned a worldwide reputation for long life, flexibility and ruggedness. As a result, they are the preferred agitators of many industries for harsh, demanding environments where peak performance is integral. HT Turbine Agitators are robust, simple and designed for ease of maintenance. The Chemineer HTM mixer is an available option for high torque applications and provides many of the same design benefits as the HT gearbox.

  • Model 20 HT / GT agitators

    The Model 20 HT/GT agitators feature a high-efficiency gearbox designed specifically for agitator service. Models are available in right angle and parallel shaft configurations. These agitators feature a modular design package with a wide range of speeds for improved process control and greater application versatility. The Model 20 HT/GT agitators are designed to meet AGMA, OSHA, ANSI, IEC, DIN, EU and ATEX standards and requirements.


    Safety double-walled pipe system with a continuos leak detection of transported fluid.

  • niroflex® – corrugated stainless steel pipe – versatile and high-quality

    NIROFLEX® is a flexible corrugated stainless steel pipe system and is ideal for transporting liquids, as a protective pipe or as a heat exchanger pipe. The NIROFLEX® CNT with installation protection casing made of LDPE is available to be laid underground.

  • secon-x

    secon-x® flexible fuel pipe with monitoring

    SECON-X® was designed specifically as a double-walled pipe system for underground fuel pipes in filling stations. Quick and simple laying without welding work, quick completion and the shortest possible downtimes during retrofitting work – these are just a few of the key advantages of SECON-X®.

  • bezpečnostné potrubie pex

    Dvojplášťový ohybný potrubný systém s plastovou vnútornou rúrou a s kontinuálnou indikáciou úniku.

  • FLEXWELL® safety pipe FSR

    The FLEXWELL safety pipe (FSR) is a flexible, continuous, double-walled pipe system with a monitoring option for industrial applications and tank facilities.


    Tieto mazacie a napájacie čerpadlá sú vhodné na čerpanie všetkých médií, ktoré vykazujú minimálnu mazavosť, ale neobsahujú pevné častice.


    Zubové čerpadlá typovej rady T ponúkajú riešenie na prepravu takmer všetkých čerpateľných médií.

  • ZUBOVÉ ČERPADLo typu t

    Zubové čerpadlá typovej rady T ponúkajú riešenie na prepravu takmer všetkých čerpateľných médií.

  • Dry coupling

    When connecting the Dry Disconnect Coupling the hose unit will slide easily over the tank unit. The three rollers engage in the three slots. To allow the hose unit to lock, rotate the hose unit clockwise approximately 100° whilst gently pushing towards the tank unit. To stop the flow and unlock the units, reverse the procedure.

  • Compensators

    Rubber Expansion Joints (compensators) are used as flexible connectors within pipe systems. Based on the German expression „Elastische Rohrverbinder“ the type brand ERV® is being used.  ERV expansion joints from Elaflex are moulded single sphere type rubber bellows with swiveling metal flanges. Their construction and lengths (installation sizes) have since become internationally recognised standard.

  • fristam fz

    Odstredivé čerpadlo

  • fristam fpm / fsm

    Odstredivé alebo multifunkčné čerpadlo

  • fristam fph

    Odstredivé čerpadlo

  • fristam fpc

    Odstredivé čerpadlo

  • fristam fp

    Odstredivé čerpadlo

  • fristam fm

    Viac hlavové odstredivé čerpadlá

  • steimel gmb

    Blokové čerpadlá s vnútorným ozubením sú vhodné na čerpanie kvapalných médií, ktoré vyazujú určitú mazavosť a neobsahujú pevné častice. Nemazavé médiá môžu byť čerpané len v obmedzenom objeme.

  • fristam fds

    Dvojité vretenové čerpadlo

  • fristam pm / pmv

    Práškové miešadlo

  • fristam fsp

    Multifunkčné čerpadlá

  • samoa

  • spr

    Dávkovacie čerpadlo SPR pokrýva rozsah malých a stredných kapacít v dávkovacích a nástrekových aplikáciách.

  • met 2

    Dávkovacie čerpadlo MET2 pokrýva rozsah stredných a veľkých kapacít v dávkovacích a nástrekových aplikáciách.

  • fristam fl / fl3

    Objemové čerpadlá

  • fristam fkl

    Objemové čerpadlá

  • fristam fk

    Objemové čerpadlá

  • abaque

    Vďaka 20-ročným skúsenostiam v oblasti čerpania náročných chemikálí sú čerpadlá Abaque schopné čerpať tuhé media od abrazívnych a agresívnych médií až po viskózne a na kompaktnosť citlivé médiá.

  • MET 1

    Dávkovacie čerpadlo MET1 pokrýva rozsah stredných kapacít v dávkovacích a nástrekových aplikáciách.

  • slc čerpadlá

    Vaše riešenie pre media citlivé na vzduch a kompaktnosť (až do 8m3/h – 35.2 gpm). Maximálny tlak 16 bar (232 psi).

  • c čerpadlá

    Vaše riešenie pre produkty citlivé na vzduch a kompaktnosť (až do 36 m3/h), max. tlak 9 bar.

  • a seria

    Vaše riešenie pre širokú škálu médií (až do 50 m3/h).

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